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(Alnico V/AW)
Bass Passive Singlecoil
Produced for 4 & 5 strings

A very tight, “fast” and highly projecting tone quality comes from this pickup, which has high timbral resolution and natural dynamics that are easily controllable with your right hand fingers. The tonal quality seems “natural” with extended lows and highs and an open and highly dynamic midrange, that can also “growl” a little bit in the lower presence area (due to “pre-aged” magnets), especially when you play very aggressive attacks.

Due to its technical design this pickup will benefit very much from use with a built-in Mørch Active Preamp with high input impedance. This will widen the tonal spectrum, enhance dynamics and provide a great spectrum of tonal colors.


DATA: DC: 0,00 , Resonance Peak: 0,00 KHz

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