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Is produced in four types:
A Alnico 3 (Clear) Warm
B Alnico 3 (Clear) Clean
C Alnico 5 (Distinct)
D Alnico 5 (Distinct) Closed cover
Guitar Active Humbucker the size of a singlecoil! (stacked coils)
Produced for use as Neck – Middle – Bridge
Cover and Bobin can be made in White, Creme and Black

The dynamics in Morch´s active pickups is bigger than in passive pickups, in spite of a mild compression. At the same time they have an open and organic sound, which makes alle notes equally clear, so they are clear and easy to mix. Danny Franklin

Type A: A very powerful sounding single-bucker. It has a natural compression, which helps the sound cut through, no matter how you feed it – bright and clean or dark and dirty. This pick up can be used in every position, but gives you that little extra power, used in the neck or middle position.  Rikko Tuure

DATA: DC: 0,00 , Resonance Peak: 0,00 KHz


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