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MS4/3SP* – (Organic)
Alnico 5
Guitar Passive Singlecoil
Produced for use as neck – middle – bridge

With slightly more focus on the 300-800 Hz area and a very easy, calm and bluesy sound this pickup is ideally suited to guitarists who love that feel to play around the threshold of slightly overdriving the amp-system. A great pickup for soloists as well as blues/folk-singers that do not want to make to much “noise” but would rather sing each tone out… Available for neck, mid or bridge position. The mid pickup is reverse wound to make it humbucking when combined with the neck or bridge pickup.

This pickup also comes in a special edition (SP) which has more windings and a different wiretype that results in a slightly more boosted/blusey sound. Well suited for players that like to ‘dig in’ when they play

DATA: DC: 6,96 , Resonance Peak: 4,90 KHz

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