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MS2sp – Ceramic
 A different wiretype and extra wounds for a slightly hotter output.
Guitar Passive Singlecoil
Produced for use as Bridge

The essential “Rock and Roll pickup” – a very powerful singlecoiler with extremely high output and superb control of amp-clipping. Very fast response, super duper dynamics and great control and definition. Single coil timbre but with added fullness and body – just like a humbucker in bridge position. Meant to be played fast, hard and steady. Also great for Shadows sounds, but more open than a typical humbucker. Available for all positions, but mostly used in the bridge position.

DATA: DC: 0,00 , Resonance Peak: 0,00 KHz

Start: MS4/3 (Mr. Six Strings), middle: MS2SP (Savage), end: MH Classic Hot (Loud ‘n’ Proud)

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