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MH Classic (Songbird)
Alnico 5
Guitar passive humbucker
Produced for use as neck – middle – bridge

This pickup has a certain sound not unlike the “full and mellow human singing voice”. It is warm and full, but at the same time quite open and with a clearly defined attack, which gives you impressive overdrive-control with the input-stage of the preamp. Also there is a slight compression and a slight roll-off in the treble.
(The pickup looks the same as MH4 Eager)

DATA: Bridge – DC: 9,00 , Resonance Peak: 4,57 KHz – Neck/Middle – DC: 7,85 , Resonance Peak: 5,05 KHz

First chorus: MH Classic (Song Bird)
Second chorus: MH Classic (Clear Talk)
Third chorus: MH Classic (Bitey)
Fourth chorus: MH Classic (Song Bird) with drive

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