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(Alnico V/AW.SD)
Bass Passive Singlecoil
Produced for 4 strings

“True Vintage P-Bass sounds from a very high output J-Bass type.” A biiig (BIG!) and awfully gutsy and full sound with loads of body and weight comes from this powerful pickup, which features enhanced focus on the lower four octaves and warm and rolled off overtones with a certain tube-like quality. This soulman’s “motor” is great when you really want to lay that rhythm down and push the whole band with a fat, fluent, penetrating and gutsy bassline. Great in the studio too.

A Mørch Active Preamp might be used to control the low end fullness and add more presence clarity when you play in concert halls with boomy acoustics.

DATA: – Bridge: DC: 10,10 , Resonance Peak: 4,30 KHz – Neck: DC: 9,70 , Resonance Peak: 4,10 KHz

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