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(Stacked Hum Alnico V/SV)
Bass Passive Neck – Bridge
or Bass Active Humbucker Neck – Bridge
Produced for 4, 5 & 6 strings

This stacked humbucker features a “fresh” vintage-kind of sound with lots of personality and character. With slightly rolled-off lows and upper highs plus a typical Alnico-induced “timbre” to the upper midrange and lower presence register, that will remind you of a certain MM-bass pickup. This pickup cuts through even when played softly and in the lower octaves has a certain MM-type compressed sound. If connected via a switch, this pickup can be altered to single-coil mode with higher output, improved dynamics and slightly higher dynamic resolution.

If combined with The Mørch Active Preamp this pickup will provide even greater bandwidth and improved dynamics plus more versatility, since you can open up the treble register and add more warmth and fullness to the lower octaves.

DATA: DC: 0 , Resonance Peak: 0 KHz

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