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Alnico 5
Guitar Passive Singlecoil
Produced for use as Neck or Middle

Here is the ticket to the “Sound of the Seventies” which in general – and especially compared to the MS1/I – means a tighter sound balance with rolled off bass for more focus in the midrange and higher definition and more penetration in the top. For neck, mid or bridge position. The mid pickup is reverse wound to make it humbucking when combined with the neck or bridge pickup.

DATA: DC: 6,00 , Resonance Peak: 5,68 KHz

The first improvisation piece is played with the neck and middle combined, when the chord changes it goes down to the middle and bridge combined. There’s added a bit reverb, compressor and delay effects in the end.
Neck: MS5/3B (Big ‘n’ Blue), Midd.: MS4/1 (Wealth ‘n’ Tone, Bridge: MS2 (Muscle).

First part is played on the middle pickup, last part on the middle and bridge combined. Both with the same soft ammount of drive.
Midd.: MS4/1 (Wealth ‘n’ Tone), Bridge: MS2 (Muscle)

Intro: middle pickup. First verse: neck pickup. Second verse: bridge pickup. Ending: neck pickup with drive.

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