Bass Players

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Dan RasmussenBusy freelance bassplayer.
“In 1989 when I was 17, I got my first Mørch bass. I have enjoyed playing exclusively on these fine instruments since then! They have become a part of me.”

Søren Stig MadsenMichael Learns to Rock

“A very reliable bass. For me it is complete satisfaction.”

Michael FriisProducer, Soundtrack-composer. Have played with: Sebastian, Lis Sørensen, Culpeper, Anima, Monrad & Rislund, Paul Banks, Kasper Winding, Led Zeppelin Jam etc.

“I have four Mørch-basses, two of which are 5-strings, one with and one without frets, totaly handmade by Johnny Mørch, and suited exactly to my needs. The pick-ups and the brilliant active/passive preamp gives me all the possibilities I want. But the best thing is that the neutral- positions are precisely the sound I like the most. Actually, I have often in the studios not used the mixer, but gone directly to the tape. It doesn’t get any better than that. Furthermore, it is terrific, when something anyway have to be adjusted, lacquered/painted or an idea have to be tested, one can go directly to “Daddy” in person.”

Michael Friis
Lars DanielssonThomas Helmig, Lisa Nielson, and Sanne Salomonsen etc.

“If Jonnny, that would be Johnny Mørch, who builds basses so splendidly, had been a physicist, well then he would properly have been someone similar to Albert Einstein or Niels Bohr.”

Thomas FogWomack and Womack, Gimmerboys, Ivan & Small Wonders etc.

“To describe a Mørch-bass without using superlatives is like describing Samantha Fox’s …. without using one’s hands. Impossible! The two Mørch-basses of mine are, what I know of, certainly the GREATEST: when it comes to listening to them, looking at them, and playing on them. Thumbs up for the Mørch-bass.”

Kim DaugaardShu-Bi-Dua

“I have found a bass. It has entirely its own soul. And it is so elegant. I am often sitting down just to look at it….. I am so pleased with it, Johnny!”

Henrik KunzMagno Bissoli (Bra.),
Ed Neumeister (USA), Rudy Smith (Trinidad), David Cadogan (Barbados), Ed Jones (USA), Marcelo Salazar (Bra.) etc.

“Why Mørch? Because you get a bass that simply just works and sound perfectly at the same time. The strings are placed as they ought to be, and the neck are extremely easy to play on, all the bass’ joints fit at 1/100 of a millimetre, furthermore the service is incredible. I practice on my basses every day, play almost every weekend, take them to the studio, and they play perfectly in all the situations. There is no excuse for not playing well on my Mørch-basses.”

Romeo J. WilliamsElton John

“This bass hit’s hard, the sound is big and fat and very clean. I had to have It!”

Peter VuustErik Grip, Thomas Kjellerup, Finn Nørbygaard etc.

“I play Mørch-bass because it is the only bass with a homogeneous and pure sound across the entire fingerboard. A characteristic that makes it eminent when playing funk as well as jazz. The construction process makes it possible for me to have an influence in the result, all my personal and specific wishes are taken care of.”

Hans Bilde JacobsenSlinky Pickled Starfish

“After I bought my Mørch-bass in 1994, I have never played on a bass that was anything like it. It suits me perfectly, and has the best sound I have ever heard.”

Lars JohnsenPanic Station

“I have never played on, or heard a bass with a sound quite like it. It’s touch, fierceful and tender without changing the 200 potentiometer.”

Søren Kjær JensenMaryan Mursal

“I have dreamed about a bass being an extension of my body. I have dreamed about a sound containing both warmth, dynamics, precision, and personality. In the end I drew it, and Johnny build it. It turned out better than the one in my dream. It is the only material thing in my life that is irreplaceable. “

Gert RostockKansas City Stompers, Sjællandske Livregiments musikkorps etc.

“I have been a professional musicians for 30 years and have always played on factory-made basses. Well enough! But something new had to happen. What about trying to get one custom-made exactly the way you want it, perfectly suited to you. Since I got a Mørch, I have used it constantly, and I am playing everything from Stravinsky to Louis Armstrong. Magnificent to own something that lives up to your expectation.”