Guitar Players

Jens Varmløse

Student at Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium, working with music in different styles as a session and solo player.

“Sometimes when I play I suddenly feel a strong need to call Johnny, just to thank him for making these fantastic instruments, and so far it does’nt seem like he’s tired of all my greatfull words at all! I feel very lucky to own two Mørch guitars (also a curl bass), which all playes and feels fantastic. The Mørch pickups are simply the best I’ve heard, and the craftsmanship by Johnny is so impressive! The guitars have never let me down and they’re simply the best working pals you could wish for. Through the years I’ve owned a lot of guitars, but there’s never been a question which ones were my favourites… It will always be my Mørch guitars! Thank’s again “Bassemand”

Knud Møller

Johnny Madsen Band

“During a visit in the magical workshop of Mørch Guitars I fell headlong in love in one of his designs. Nobel wood, sublime craftsmanship and genius thought out features are just some of the things that lift this guitar way beyond every standard-model. For the first time in many years I am actually looking forward to the sound-check with pleasure.”

Gert Vincent

Lars Lilholt Band

“I feel lucky owning a Mørch.”

Ole Fick

Erik Grip, Monrad & Rislund, Burning Red Ivanhoe, Trille, Arne Würgler etc.

“The frog, who kisses this Mørch, will in a moment be turned into a prince.”

Morten Hussmann


“Fantastic pure sound, beautiful design and perfect craftsmanship, which fulfil exactly my wishes and requirements. My Mørch-guitar is supreme, and it is still getting better. I wouldn´t exchange it for any other guitar.”

Morten Donslund

Mr. Jack & the Daniels, Steve Haggard, and Ragner & Combo

“I always had to modify or rebuild my guitars. But now, with my Mørch I´ve got a guitar containing from births the characteristics I earlier had to tune the guitar to.”