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Most musicians who contact Mørch have a general idea of their favourite instrument. In the slightest case of doubt you just go to the showroom where you will find a wide selection of guitars as well as four, five and sixstring basses. In pleasant surroundings you have the opportunity to find the precise design of your new instrument. Choosing the type of wood, the type of pickups, the number of frets, the type of frets, the shape of the neck and body etc. As a customer you will have the opportunity to decide on special details like body curves, neck shape and final finishing. As a further service, it is now possible to order and design your own personal Mørch instrument using the order form on this website.

Often Mørch combines different sorts of wood in the individual instrument. Not only does this have an aesthetic effect, but it also greatly affects the sound. All woods are seasoned for many years and at the comprehensive wood-stock the customer together with Mørch selects the most suitable pieces for his/her particular instrument.

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Mørch has developed his own types of pickups both for guitars and basses. Parallel to those the firm today also provides a
wide selection of other brands. For your comparison a representative collection of these pickups are mounted on plates which can be pushed into a test guitar or a test bass respectively. In this way you have the optimal possibility for choosing the right instrument for you.

Being a customer at Mørch’s is your guarantee for getting exactly the instrument you want, meaning an instrument that sounds and plays the best possible way.