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1. Design and create your own 100% handmade instrument together with Johnny Mørch, who has more than 40 years of experience and expertise of luthiery – the only limits are your imagination, technologi, and your bank account.

2. Fill in the order form and send it to me. If your live in the area and have the opportunity to visit me, your are most welcome. We can then fill out the order form together, in pleasant surroundings in my showroom, having the opportunity to try out my demo-models and my pickups testing system. In any case, should you have any questions, I will help and advice you in making the right choices, to make sure you will get the ultimate instrument.

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3. I will give you the price for your instrument and the exact time of delivery.

4. You will pay a deposit of 25% of the price, in advance.

5. The building process begins by carefully selecting the best woods from all around the globe. Only high quality wood is used, ensuring the greatest number of tonal and aesthetic choices. My wood-stock consist of very well seasoned wood, minimum 10 years old which is necessary to obtain exactly the right percentage of humidity in the wood.

6. I will cut the wood down near to the measures, in that way the wood gets the possibility to down-stress, which is the foundation for obtaining the best possible sound and quality for your future guitar/bass. Accordingly, the wood need a rest-period.

7. The process of down-cutting and gluing the wood will take place. Following, the instrument need to down-stress for a while again.

8. The instrument will be routed, shaped and sanded. This is done carefully by hand.

9. The treatment of the surface will take place (lacquer, wax or oil finish).

10. Your choice of pickups will be installed. Switches, potentiometers, jacks and other electronic components will be wired. Since 1970 I have developed my own pickup types for both guitars and basses. Making our own pickups takes carefull preparation and skill. The best magnet material must be found, the right and the best suitable copper wire in the right dimensions, the pickup must have the right number of wire turns, the right physical dimensions and be protected from feedback by applying feedback damping materials in the design. Furthermore, the winding technique is extremely important to get the right sound. Mørch active electronics circuits have low impedance output for lower noise and interference and the ability to power longer cables with no degradation of sound quality. All Mørch active electronics have a bypass switch for both active and passive sounds, and a very long battery life.

11. Final assembly and setup of your instrument.

12. I will then contact you for the final payment and shipping. If there is any question during the process we’ll keep in touch. Please see the order form for further details.